The Ontario Street Outlaws group was originally derived from the tv show Street Outlaws (obviously) I began the group in the winter of 2015 just to kind of pass the winter months until race season was here. As people joined the group I decided to build "lists" of member cars to form the top 10 fastest cars in each area code i.e 905,416,519,705 and 613.  The only rule you had to follow was your car had to be street legal,valid plates and insurance .Then I started running into cars that wanted to join but were not able to be driven on the street due to rules here in Ontario with vehicle registration and insurance, i.e the famous e-test! 

As the group continued to grow I was thinking how cool it would be to actually have a place where guys could prove how fast there cars actually are. Well we all know that street racing was a thing back in the day it is just way to risky to do now adays. So that's how we ended up at the track. In our 1st year we are having 4 events .  Two are at St Thomas Dragway Park and two are at Toronto Motorsports Park {Cayuga}  . As this event continues to grow it will get bigger each event and plans are already in the works for the upcoming year !!