1. Valid Plates and Insurance
  2. Pass Track Tech
  1. Call outs are to be made at Tent only. After each round of racing you must come to the tent so that we can do the call Outs.The quicker you get to the tent the better chance you have of getting the race you want. If you or your representative from your team is not at the tent for the callout then you will automatically, move down one spot.After that you can go and get your car ready for the next round.
  2. Whoever calls you out first or whoever you call out first that is the race for that round.
  3. Once you have confirmed your race you should tell Marisa or Kim at the Race Tent to ensure your race is on the run order sheet.
  1. Must attend each race/event to keep your spot on the list.Even if your car is broken and you show up to support the group it counts as being there but you lose one spot per round. You must still attend the Tent for callouts after each round even if your car is not there and you are holding a spot.
  2. Only one call out per round.If you call out the racer ahead of you and they decline they lose one spot and you advance.

  3. Betting is not neccessary but encouraged !!! You cannot sit around because your competitor will not bet you!!! That is considered blocking.nd you will lose one spot.
  4. You can only adance one spot per round.
  5. Bye Runs are allowed.
  6. There has to be more than two cars on a list to be eligible for the prize money.
  7. All entries must be registered before the actual list racing starts. Any race after that can only test and tune.
  8. Race distance will be either 1/8th or 1/4th for both list and also unlimited and can be determined between the racers before they enter the staging lanes.If the decision can not be made it will be done by coin flip.
  9. There will be two test hits and minimum of four rounds at each event. After the 4th round we will meet at that time and decide on more rounds as long as time permits.
  10. This rule only applies for END OF SEASON race, Between the number one spots in both the list races and the unlimited class there will be a best 2 out of 3 races to determine the class winner.The number one winners from each list (except unlimited) will then race off for the overall seasonal champion.
  11. There will be no switching cars throughout the season,you can come to race with another car but you will have to start from the bottom and race your way back in.Substitute drivers are allowed but must remain in the car for that race, your car holds the position on the list and not the driver.
  12. Proof of your car being licensed and insurance must be shown to recieve your tech card.It is in your best interest to remove your plates and cover vin tags before entering the track.
  13. Any verbal or physical fighting will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the series.
  1. Same rules as above except no plates or insurance.
  2. Cars can have lettering on window area but no sponsor logos on body.
  3. Unlimited races can be either 1/8th or 1/4th mile, the racer will decide but we must know at the tent before the race so we can notify the tower.
  4. Door cars only,No Bikes,Sleds or Dragsters.